The Big Moment Arrives for Young Rebeca Brown!

Thursday 10 March 2016 at 2:13 pm
Rebeca Brown first sex

The moment is here, and although she didn't show a hint of nervousness before, young Rebeca Brown now confesses that she's a bit scared. Renato, a true gentleman and consummate professional, tries his best to assure her that everything will be okay.

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Rebeca Brown Prepares for Her Defloration!

Thursday 03 March 2016 at 10:17 am
Rebeca Brown virgin

Rebeca Brown is every bit as adorable as her name suggests, and she's ready to finally become a woman! Laying on the bed, she slowly hikes up her skirt to reveal she's not wearing any panties. She spreads her shaved pussy wide, showing us she's still a virgin, then begins rubbing her clit hard and fast with a look of focused pleasure.

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Beautiful Young Anastasia Loses Her Virginity!

Thursday 21 January 2016 at 07:44 am
Anastasia Seymour first sex

The time has finally come for 18-year-old Anastasia to finally lose her virginity. The strikingly gorgeous teen tells us that she's not afraid, and that she's ready to have her transition into womanhood documented. After peeling off her clothes, the naked young beauty spreads her legs to have her hot, shaved pussy played with.

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Gorgeous Anastasia Has Her Hymen Checked!

Friday 15 January 2016 at 06:48 am
Anastasia Seymour

In her pre-defloration interview, young Anastasia reveals that she's been in talks of losing her virginity on camera for quite some time. The beautiful teen tells us she turned 18 only one week ago, and goes on to say that her birthday party was a blast.

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Horny and naughty Simona leaves spoiled virgins club

Tuesday 12 January 2016 at 8:15 pm
Simona first sex

Simona is one of those spoiled virgins. She wanted to shed the tag virgin and hooked up with this guy and he was naughty and interesting and she fucked him.

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Breathtaking Verka Kalancha's Very First Time!

Friday 11 December 2015 at 2:38 pm
verka kalancha first time

In her brief pre-defloration interview, the gorgeous Verka Kalancha is asked if she's truly ready to lose her virginity. She laughs nervously, confessing that she's scared but also curious and isn't going to back out. She wants to become a woman, and is willing to toss her fear aside to have her innocence taken on camera.

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Beautiful Verka Plays with Her Naked Body!

Sunday 06 December 2015 at 10:02 am
Verka Kalancha

It's hard to believe a girl as beautiful as young Verka is still a virgin, but it's true! Sitting in bed completely naked, she shows off her amazing dancer's body while admiring herself in the mirror. The leggy brunette lays back and begins playing with her smooth, hairless pussy, her body writhing in pleasure as she rubs her sensitive clit.

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The nurse spreads virgin Dany's pussy apart to see what's wrong with her

Tuesday 03 November 2015 at 07:45 am
Dany first sex

Dany isn't feeling well so she calls a nurse to come over. Her boyfriend arrives first and tries to make her feel better and the nurse arrives. She start undressing her to find out what the problem is and after having her pussy spread wide it's obvious.

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Irina Finally Loses Her Virginity!

Friday 16 October 2015 at 09:49 am
Irina Kozhedub first sex

After checking to ensure she's really still a virgin, it's finally time for 18-year-old Irina to lose her innocence. She nervously confesses that she's a bit scared, but we assure her that she has nothing to fear. It won't hurt, we promise, and the timid teen slowly begins to relax.

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Making Sure Irina's Still a Virgin!

Sunday 11 October 2015 at 2:33 pm
Irina Still a Virgin

In a brief pre-defloration interview, the gorgeous young Irina reveals that she's only been 18 for one week and that, yes, she really is still a virgin. She contacted us via e-mail asking us to document her first time, and when we ask to see her breasts she hesitantly agrees.

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