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Meet the fresh virgin Aziza Zabitova

Saturday 17 August 2013 at 08:15 am.
Aziza Zabitova

Asian virgins usually don't come to the first man they see and ask them for sex, they are very shy and quite. Aziza was born in a very strict family. She was different from other girls around her and has never had a boyfriend. Maybe kissed a guy at some party once or twice. But there was one guy in the school who was very cute and Aziza liked him a lot. Other girls told her that he thought she was also cute, the only problem was that this boy didn't want to have a deal with virgins. So teen beauty decided to have sex as soon as possible.

Somehow she found us, maybe a friend gave her our number or she found it online. Anyway Aziza asked to deflower her and teach how to become the best in sex. First of all we wanted to see what was hidden under the dress. So we asked the babe to do solo action. Her lovely smile and skinny teen body looked amazing. She was very shy and it took some time for her to take off everything. Probably all asian girls have a seductive aura around them. Naked Aziza was different, she relaxed, became horny and finally showed us her virgin, wet pussy. Her slit looked amazing, she played with it on camera and her eyes were full of lust. We felt the wild passion filling her young body when she rubbed sweet pussy and stuck a finger inside the tiny hole. Of course we agreed to help this exotic hottie with defloration.

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